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When it comes to a great brand it's all about what the target audience remember about the brand. Some of the world's greatest and most memorable brands include:-

                  Coca Cola 

When someone says Coca Cola you automatically see the logo and think about the "simple things in life are often the best" or "Always Coca Cola". These thoughts or recollections of the brand have formed after many repeated exposures to advertising (including Television, Radio, Print, Outdoor billboards, Cinema Advertising - the list goes on and on...), sponsorship of events, and finally the product itself.

The brand Coca Cola has been carefully managed. The Coca Cola red is always the same - there is a consistency that can be seen across all the products sold under the brand from Zero and Diet Coke to Coca Cola itself. The same can be seen when we consider the way Nike uses its "swoosh". The colour and dimensions of the logo are always the same. It is through repeated consistent exposure to a brand that we create consumer associations.

While the examples above show big business use of brands there is no reason why smaller businesses cannot have a consistent and memorable brand. It is all about getting the message right and sticking to the formula. Every brand should have a brand policy in place. Once set the policy must be adhered to. Sounds simple? It is far from simple. Once more than one person uses the brand they can start to make changes to uses, accidentally change the colours or proportions of the brand. Tie the brand to an incorrect message or fail to tie the brand to a message at all.

The BayView Group's team are able to assist with the development of great memorable brands.

The team from the BayView Group (Aust) and Xploitz Marketing have worked many brands including the following brands.

                  AMP Corporate Superannuation
                  World Wellth
                  Nirimba Business Centre
                  Camp Quality
                  Pecky's Disability Services