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Nearly every business has a brochure. Some are good and some are not so good. BayView Group (Aust) develops brochures and fliers for businesses to meet specific marketing needs. Your business may need to tell its story, explain a process or make an offer. No matter what type of brochure it is which your business needs BayView Group can help. We design and print effective marketing communications including:

                  Direct mail postcards
                  DL brochures for mailing
                  Company profile brochures
                  Sales fliers and leaflets
                  E Brochures
                  E Catalogues
                  Download brochures

The beauty of dealing with BayView Group (Aust) for the development of your brochure is that you are dealing with an integrated team. The marketers, copy writers and graphic designers are all working together to achieve the same communication goals.  That means that we are able to send your message out, loud and clear.


Our team has vast experience in designing brochures featuring products. From beautiful fashion to commercial air conditioning our team deliver on brochures designed to promote your products.


We have a team who have many years experience in working into business services sector, they take your intangible service and gain consumer confidence and buy in through effective communications.

What makes a Good Brochure

A good brochure is one which is designed to meet a specific communication goal. It is clear and concise, uses language which is appropriate for the target audience and has a measurable result.

Planning A Brochure

Many businesses decide that they need a brochure. Many choose to develop their own brochure in-house. This is often due to budgetary constraints. If your business needs a brochure on a budget we can help. It often costs less than you may think to develop a cost effective communication. However if you choose to start developing a brochure in-house you need to be able to answer the following questions.

                       Who is the brochure targeting - is it for mothers, company directors or a 
                       weekend warrior handyman?
                        What is the key message we need to send to the person we want to appeal to?
                        What do we want them to do? (Call to action)
                        Where will the target audience go?
                        When should they respond to the content of the brochure?
                        Why should they respond to the brochure? eg. Is it the best price, service or 
                        something special which you are telling them about?
                        How does it work? How do they buy? How do they contact your business? How many 
                        brochures will you need?

Once you know the answers to the above you have a starting point. Keep in mind however that most people in business are there because they are good at something or they have something that they have to sell. A strong brochure designed by a team that specialise in brochure design and content is often far more effective than a brochure designed by someone who is involved in the product or service.