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BayView Group develops products and manufactures on behalf of many businesses. We are able to custom design products to meet a specific industry need. However on occassion we have found that it is more viable for us to source and supply products for businesses from other manufacturers. We procure products on behalf of businesses both locally and internationally.

We've procured everything from medical devices to yoga mats and of course all the products that you can see in the BayView Catalogue.

The size of the Australiasian market often means that it is more viable to procure a product from a larger market than to develop a new product to meet a need.

We analysis the opportunity of developing a new product v sourcing and procuring from another manufacturer.

Products which we have procured are utilised within a range of industries.

When you ask us to solve a problem for your business you can rest assured that BayView Group is committed to delivering the very best solution to meet the needs of yiour organisation.