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No matter what type of business you are in a web site is an excellent way to communicate with potential customers and to manage business transactions.

There ar many different levels of web sites and each business's needs are different. Some businesses require a simple electronic brochure which is available via search engines while others require an Online Business Solution.

Things to consider before publishing your web site

  What do you want to achieve via the internet
  Do you want people to contact you - if so make it easy
  How will you manage enquiries received?
                  Do you want to publish privileged information - if so is it secure?
                  Do you need online shopping?
                  Do you need to send out regular newsletters?

When building a website remember it is important to retain your business branding. Your intellectual property will be visable to many different people so you may need to consider registering your Intelectual Property prior to launching your web site.

Web sites can cost from $1,000 to $100,000 and beyond. 

Consider your budget and have a web site developed which meets your communication and budgetary goals.

When it comes to the web - Fresh is Best!

Web content is just like fruit and vegetables! It has a limited shelf life. The content of your web site should be updated regularly. This helps with search engine rankings as well as increasing traffic to your website.

The BayView Group Team have developed many websites those listed below are samples of our simple websites:

                  AusPIPS Inc
  National Driver Education
                  GNT Painting Group
  The Real Futures Foundation

For more web sites with greater user functionality read about our Online Business Solutions.